The Fabulous Peltoncast No. 14

After a wild week in Seattle sports, The Fabulous Peltoncast focuses on football, looking at impressions from new UW coach Chris Petersen‘s introduction to Seattle media and analyzing the Seahawks’ narrow loss at San Francisco on Sunday before looking ahead to their last road game of 2013 against the New York Giants.



Intro – Kevin‘s trip to Portland, including a little Blazers and a review of Rogue’s “Beard Beer”
7:00 – Thoughts on Chris Petersen‘s first press conference at UW and what’s next for the Huskies
22:30 – Breaking down the Seahawks’ loss to San Francisco, including the strategic decisions in the fourth quarter
39:30 – Analyzing how the Seahawks match up with the struggling Giants
47:00 – Fantasy, including the slim pickings on waivers for the playoffs

This Week’s Links

Rogue Beard Beer
Petersen Press Conference (Video)
Chris Petersen Q&A with Idaho Statesman
Advanced NFL Stats runs the numbers on why the Seahawks should have allowed the 49ers to score


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