Fabulous Peltoncast No. 9

A day late but just in time for tonight’s busy sports night, the Fabulous Peltoncast returns with a Portland-heavy episode. (You might call it — and Tristan did — the Portlandcast.) Your hosts discuss emotions around tonight’s Stanford-Oregon game, the conclusion of the Sounders-Timbers playoff derby and debate the Blazers’ chalupa/McDonald’s giveaways before getting down to discussing the state of the Seahawks (complete with threat levels as a guide to concern) and previewing this Sunday’s game at Atlanta before wrapping up with a discussion of the microbrews Tristan tried at last Sunday’s Seahawks tailgate.



Intro – Who you got in Stanford-Oregon?
9:00 – Sounders-Timbers series update
12:00 – Blazers’ first week, plus the ongoing chalupa/McDonald’s controversy and how we would do it
24:00 – Emotions during the Seahawks-Buccaneers game and level of Seahawks concern
34:00 – Previewing Seahawks-Falcons
43:00 – Tailgating, with microbrew and Pok Pok reviews
52:00 – Fantasy, with this week’s waiver claims

This Week’s Links

Chalupa reaction on Blazersedge
Chasin Freshies Fresh Hop IPA page
Pok Pok restaurant


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