Fabulous Peltoncast No. 8

In the latest Fabulous Peltoncast, your hosts celebrate the start of the NBA season by remembering past Sonics opening nights, Kevin sharing players for Tristan to watch this season, preview the Seahawks hosting the Buccaneers, discuss a pair of season-ending injuries to Seattle wide receivers and recap Kevin paying off a fantasy wager by shotgunning a beer before last Saturday’s Husky game.



Intro – Sounders in the MLS Cup Playoffs
4:30 – Sonics opening night memories, drafting out Sonics tickets
20:00 – 10 NBA players for Tristan to watch this season
32:00 – Previewing Seahawks-Buccaneers
39:00 – Analyzing season-ending injuries to Sidney Rice and Kasen Williams. Which will have a bigger impact?
46:00 – Tailgating and Kevin shotguns a beer
52:30 – Fantasy plus should the NFL take away touchdowns for taunting penalties? (The answer is no. Don’t be ridiculous.)

This Week’s Links

Vine of Kevin shotgunning (audio may play)
Seattle Times on Clint Dempsey’s slow start
Breaking Madden: 44 Greg Schianos
NFL considering taking TDs away for taunting


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