Fabulous Peltoncast No. 4

The Fabulous Peltoncast is back and improved with a new theme song (“Slick Watts” by the Blue Scholars). This week’s episode features extending discussions of the Seahawks’ comeback win at Houston and the Washington Huskies’ win over Arizona, plus previews of this weekend’s games at Indianapolis and Stanford, respectively. Kevin and Tristan also recap a rainy afternoon of tailgating and take a look at fantasy football quarterbacks.


Also new this week, we’ve split out the main topics into individual audio files if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing:

Intro (A little Philadelphia 76ers talk, plus why we’re pushing our Nothing Was the Same discussion until next week)
Huskies (Highlights from Saturday’s win, plus how UW matches up with Stanford and a reader question on how noise affects no-huddle offenses)
Seahawks (Sunday’s comeback, a look ahead at the Colts plus Bruce Irvin’s return and Tristan takes Kevin to task)
Tailgating (Update on last week’s Coors Light debate poll)
Fantasy football (This week’s waiver claims, plus a look at top QBs)

This week’s links:

Tony Wroten is the ‘star of the day’
Jeff Sagarin‘s college football ratings
Seattle Times on Travis Coon’s excellent game


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